We now have Scented Oil!

Why handcrafted soap?

 Handcrafted soap is a blend of both science and art. ... Soap ingredients are usually food-quality, natural ingredients starting with a variety of vegetable oils such as olive, coconut,  palm, we also use sweet almond oil, avocado, rice bran, castor and sometimes even walnut and hemp.

Handmade soap retains all the moisturizing natural glycerin which also helps produce a rich luxurious lather. Thus skin-nourishing ingredients, plus superfatting and natural saponification create a soap bar full of moisturizing, natural oils, and natural glycerin.

Why we think store bought soap is bad... store-bought soaps often list harmful toxins and chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate (used in laundry detergent), sodium laureth sulfate (a harsh foaming agent), and sometimes even triclosan (masked as an antibacterial but technically classified as a pesticide!)

Plus, you are helping to make an "American Made" product be available to all who seek a healthier lifestyle.

We thank you for that :)